Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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New technological software has potential to write movies

A new AI will have the potential to write movies.

Technology advances in new smartphones

iPhones may have some real competition for the first time in years.

“Game-changing” tablets allow prisoners to complain against abusive officers

Victims of abusive policemen will be able to file complaints against them -- from jail.

Not using Uber or Lyft saves over $320,000

Want to save some money? Delete Uber and Lyft from your phones.

Telegram app removed from Apple App Store

The app contained "inappropriate content" and will be restored at a later date.

Lasers reveal ancient Mayan cities

Laser technology is beginning to reveal geographical discoveries.

New dating service pairs matches through DNA swabs

Pheromones and DNA make matchmaking easy.

The Rise of Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? We examine what it is and how it's used.